For over 50 years Cresme has been providing strategic scenario planning as well as forecasts on the future outlook of the construction industry

Cresme provides information and expertise in describing and forecasting economic trends and the construction market to the private sector and public institutions on a local, national and international level

Cresme is the market leader in Italy in bringing together the main players of the construction industry and putting them in contact through an exceptional technical network which today includes business associations, financial institutes, professionals, public administration bodies and companies. This wide network constitutes a point of reference for all the research and analysis activity of the institute

Cresme has acquired a multidisciplinary scientific approach developed in over 50 years of activity

Objectivity of data is central

Statistical-economic analysis, econometrics and demography. Database management. Design-based inference and realization of sample surveys for market analysis and definition of primary data, monitoring of public calls for tenders and public works, management and analysis of Big-data

A look to the future

Forecast and strategic scenario planning for the Italian and international construction market. Dedicated informative systems design. Studies, estimates and analysis of construction and of investments in construction.

The land and its transformations

Territory mapping and transformation including planning, economic, urban and social implications. Feasibility analysis and definition of organizational solutions for the realization of complex projects of a public – private nature

Training and innovation culture

Training of professionals, which drive the territorial transformation processes and management of real estate. Promotion of innovation culture within the construction sector, BIM, digitalization and computerized process management.

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